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The lecturer points out that urban living is more greener and environmentally conscious whereas the author claims that urban living is destroying our environment. The expenses of people in urban areas are low as compared to the urban areas. Cause of Rural-Urban Migration Costs of rural-urban migration outweigh benefits resulting in expansion of cities and towns thus excessive urbanization.

Urban people are almost always up on the hottest trends in fashion. Rural social structure and cultural values may cause conflict among rural population forcing some people to move to urban areas.

That apart, the recurrence of white collar crimes, bank-offences, frauds, embezzlement, racketeering and the like are mostly confined to urban regions. Again, the inhabitants of rural areas are by nature simple and law-abiding as compared with their urban counterparts, probably because of illiteracy and their modest living.

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They inhale pure oxygen which they get from the trees and waving crops which grow in their fields. Rural-urban migration is most prevalent in developing countries. People in rural areas are exposed to films, radio programs and recent television series from cities.

Both rural and urban life has some merits and demerits. They are more concerned for self esteem. Pull factors include employment, higher incomes, better healthcare and education, urban facilities and way of life and protection from war and conflict Goldscheider, On any given day the urban areas are hotter than that of the rural areas.

Those people living in rural areas are willingly and unwillingly part of the economic system. People believe that by having firsthand accounts their living conditions will be improved in urban areas Agesa and Sunwoong, Involuntary are the factors that force people to migrate with no choice but to move this are the push factors.

Poverty Poverty is experienced globally in third world nations especially by rural population. Urban Informal Sector Unlike the formal counterpart of urban informal sector, there are activities of all kind which are unregulated and small scale in nature.

To seek for safety and alternatives people prefer moving to urban areas where they can have guaranteed safety from such disasters Agesa and Sunwoong, The reason is that in urban areas people have to pay utility bills, taxes, transportation expenses, expensive food items etc.

Subscribe to Our Feed. Rural towns tend to suffer more now days because there are so many more choices to purchase products at a lower cost in urban cities.

Causes of Rural-Urban Migration

It is also harder to have family over in the city because most people live in apartments or other types of housing. Most people living in rural areas are women and children who practices subsistence farming. These jobs includes, street vending, hustling, sharpening of knife, drug trafficking, maize roasting and even prostitution.

The city life is very fast paced while the country life is more tranquil. The security system is also better in towns. You have to drive yourself to where you want to go because there is not any type of public transportation. This cause conflict during land sharing forcing many people to be landless thus opting to move to urban centers.

Those people who live in rural areas eat only natural food without any food additives which damage human health.

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Most small town people are usually compassionate and friendly.

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I am in the favor of rural life on the basis of following advantages of rural life over urban life. Words Short Essay on Urban Life VS Rural Life. Article shared by.

Life in urban and rural areas essay

It is rightly said that God made the country and man made the town. In the villages, the people live in an open atmosphere. Essay on Crimes in Urban and Rural Areas ( Words) Essay on Rural-Urban Composition of Population in India ( Words).

Comparison/contrast essay: Urban and rural lifestyles. Current Essay Topics Guide is an attempt to mark out the typical topics requested by our customers and explain the research and writing techniques in a nutshell.

The lack of urban cities will cause people in the rural areas wants to move to the urban areas. Every person wants a standard of living better than where is he now.

Therefore the drive to migrate to urban areas becomes obvious. The Urban Heat Island effect is known as the zone of hot air that develops over the urban areas and consequently higher temperatures than the surrounding rural area. Temperatures progressively decline as you move further from the urban areas ; an example of this can be seen between Central London and the surrounding area, as there is a.

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Published: Thu, 27 Apr Urban Poverty I. Introduction. Historically, poverty belonged to rural areas, but nowadays it is the same in mega cities and it is estimated that a quarter of the world’s urban population is currently living in a .

Urban and rural areas essay writer
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Urban and rural areas essay writing