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If they cannot play make-believe games, how can they develop their imagination. Interestingly, almost equal hours are spent for relaxation by both men and women in unemployed and retired sections.

Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles. The given graph gives information on the number of leisure hours enjoyed by male and female with different employment status in an average week of the year and But I have to mention that, sleeping is so important for our daily routine.

In conclusion, unemployed and retired people, both men and women enjoyed more leisure time than employed people and men compared to women had more time for leisure activities. The provided chart shows the number of leisure hours enjoyed by men and women in a typical week inaccording to gender and employment status.

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A good illustration for this is the activity planned in the school timetable which always include some periods dedicated to sports.

No information regarding part-time employed and home staying men was given. The graph compares the amount of leisure time enjoyed by people of different employment levels in a typical week in the year Actually, my mother maintains a kitchen garden in our backyard.

Then I spend few minutes every day picking out the weeds. By participating in these types of activities, students can know their inner ability and strength. Finally, women with part-time jobs had 40 hours to spend for their leisure activities and housewives had 50 hours leisure time per week.

The reader has no idea what the three groups are. Also, reading helps people expand their knowledge on fields that they really love. One of the good examples I want to mention is the summer camp.

Task 2: Use of Leisure Time

The provided graph presents data on the amount of spare time both Males and Females from different employment status had enjoyed. Like for instance, if I have to do enormous workload in office hours, I will likely choose the second way to spend my leisure time.

On the other hand, providing that my job is not much uptight, I may challenge my friend to play puzzle or find a peaceful place read some books. Dissertation proposal law report topics my hobby essay role model.

You did not tell them. Many people support the methods helping the mind getting better, while others endorse the thinking to rest in free time, but it is more effective if we take part in outside activities.

Many children form strong, personal relationships with the friends they play with, and without the opportunity to do this, they could grow up emotionally immature or unformed. Part 3 — Follow Up Questions 1. In weekdays, they spend eight hours per day to work and the pressure of job makes them exhausted.

Yes I think you are people in my country have to work longer hours that people in the past used to work. Is it a good or a bad thing. Nowadays, with busy lifestyles, there is little time for people to entertain.

Besides the retired and unemployed, whose numbers were cited earlier, there were the employed, with about 50 hours. In order to meet the deadlines, they are left with no option but to do their homework. Unemployed men had approximately 85 hours of spare time and women from the same category had about 83 hours.

The amount of leisure time enjoyed by housewives was 50 hours which is less than the unemployed and retired females but higher that employed females.

Total time spent on leisure activities by the unemployed and retired male and female groups were the highest among the other groups.

On top of that, housewives had 10 more free hours than the part-time employed females in a week. In addition to this, entertainment and fun related activities such as playing a musical instrument, dancing and others would be limited, so their school life would end up in boredom.

Ielts topic of essay year future of planet essay doctors nationalities essay notes youtube essay topic village life business english essay questions environment states of matter essay definition science. It means that the mind in leisure and working time is not much significantly different.

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Essay samples about life karachi city topic essay about food environmental problems technology computer essay yogdan, economics and me essay prizes essay on taj mahal raleigh reviews food essay english teacher in karachi topic opinion essay dress code. Let them decide on their own which activities suit them most.

In summer camps, mostly children explore different sports and creative activities that actually increase their self-confidence and keep them relaxed and cool. Writing the events that need to be done for the next week is the most effective way that has worked for me for many years.

For instance, if I have an enormous workload in office hours, I will likely choose the second way to spend my leisure time. Leisure time is free time spent away from other responsibilities such as business, job, domestic chores or education.

This is a unique moment for us and, while some people think they can boost their mindset by using this time to do some fun activities, I firmly believe that. Others feel that it is important to give one’s mind a rest in leisure time.

Discuss. As we are human we naturally need to rest leisure time to stress of work and everyday life. In fact, every individual need to do what they want and. Personally, I prefer to be active during this time because. Children should spend quality time in extra curricular activities apart from the study.

Some people think that leisure activities must include educational programs while some others including me, think that we do not require mixing up education with leisure activities. Início › Fóruns › Fórum Fiscalidade › ielts essay topic leisure time activities Este tópico contém 0 respostas, tem 1 utilizador, com a última actualização feita por DavinNaws Há 1 semana.

A visualizar 1 artigo (de um total de 1) Autor Artigos 21 Setembro, às # Resposta DavinNaws Lamont Spencer from Anchorage was. Essay topics: Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles.

Leisure time is essential in people's lives especially in this busy world, the valuable leisure time is getting less. However, people have different views on how to utilise their time. Some suggest to have mind improving activities yet the others believe resting is better.


Ielts essay leisure time
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